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Clinic Personnel
Our personnel are screened before hiring to insure they are qualified and received superior training and skillset so the patient can have a high level of confidence that they are in good hands. Be sure to specify the appropriate depth of your personalized care.

Injury Recovery
Massage have been used in both the medical and alternative health industries to help in the recovery of injuries, here's a list of a few things it can help with:
  • back pain
  • headaches, migraines
  • whiplash injuries
  • neck stiffness
  • joint pain and reduced mobility

We accept insurance
We work with your insurance provider, making it simple!



→ Muscle Stim/Heat Application Room
→ Massage Therapy Rooms
→ Specialized Adjusting Technique Rooms
→ Xray and In-Clinic Developing Room


→ Sports Physicals
→ Nutraceutical Therapy
→ Mole/Lesion Removal
→ Cryotherapy or Surgical


• HeadAches   • Dizziness   • Jaw Pain   • Allergies • Neck Pain   • HeadAches   • Arm/Hand Numbness • Low Back Pain   • Leg Sharp/Shooting Pain • Weakness: Tripping or Dropping Things or Clumbsy • Rib Pain   • Difficulty taking Deep Breath • Skin Lesions   • Mole Removal   • Wart Removal • Comprehensive Health Screen   • Sports Physicals • Labwork - Kidney Dip, Lipids Panel, Glucose Test, Liver Panel, Stress Panel