Dr. Oz talks about Chiropractic Care and benefits of Integrative Health Care.

We invite you to visit our Tigard location (next to Washington Square Mall). We offer additional services to include: Comprehensive Integrative Health Profile, Custom Nutritional Wellness Profile, Massage Therapy (with our clinic LMT), High-Low Hydrolic Drop Table (for Acute patients), Spinal Flexion-Distraction to centralize traveling nerve pain, ultrasound/electro-modality muscle stim., xray room, and more. If you wish to set up an appointment, please call: 503-847-2225

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Dr. Michael P. Morrison, DC, ND - Chiropractic Doctor

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Body, mind, and spirit connection. These key components of 'well-being' must be in balance. When one or more of these are in dysfunction, Dis-ease results and eventually may progressively worsen and can eventually affect the others if not addressed during the initial symptom(s). Trained clinicians will identify the 'dis-ease' by signs, by performing an orthopedic examination or maneuvers. Often lab tests may need ordered or xrays taken.

At our clinic, as primary care doctors, our approach is to focus on your complete health. By completing a comprehensive MPM Health In-Take form prior to your appointment time, all of your concerns can be addressed one-at-a-time. As a Licensed Doctor, Dr Morrison, has come to understand that every person seeking care requires individual emotional and physical care. With this approach to health-CARE, at MEDxFLOW, each patient is encouraged to become part of their own well-being, to become individually HEALTH CONSCIOUS. To CARE for their own health. Dr Morrison will help guide you in this process with a FREE weekly Health e-Letter that offers easy step-by-step Health-Wise activities that allow the patient to start the HEALTH CONSCIOUS process. At MEDxFLOW, the patient can further address their other care needs towards other services individually unique to best suit every level of your health.

Many clients have often described walking through the doors of MEDxFLOW Chiropractic as the invigorating feeling of taking in a breath of fresh air. The moment you enter the office you will find yourself instantly greeted by a new world of peace and solitude. The atmosphere of the waiting room is very warm and serene with surroundings of timeless Egyptian artwork, and soothing music playing softly in the background.

Following Pre-Med course studies and receiving a 4 year degree of a Bachelor in Science (BS) 'Dr. Mike' continued on to complete 2 Doctorates to include one in Chiropractic Medicine at one of the Nations few evidence-based Chiropractic Universities that offers education in neurophysiology and xray pathology and interpretation while offering Minor Surgical, Gynecology, and Proctology courses. Then another in Naturopathic Medicine at one of the Nations top Naturopathic Colleges to offer treatment in Tigard toward decreasing dysfunction, maximizing neural processes free from impingement, improving immune function, improving mental functions, improving energy-level, reduction of symptoms, and increasing life longevity for the entire family.

The chiropractic practice act in the State of Oregon includes minor surgery, gynecology/obstetrics (midwifery), and proctology. UWS teaches lecture course in obstetrics that does not include a lab requirement to either deliver a baby or attend a live birth. UWS also offers a 2-hour didactic course in minor surgery and a corresponding 1-hour elective lab. Minor surgical procedures (laceration repair, removal of lipoma, removal of sebaceous cysts, etc.) can be performed in the clinic. Dr Morrison has completed additional courses in minor surgical laboratory procedures. More detailed regarding the chiropractic practice of obstetrics and minor surgery in Oregon can be obtained from the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners (http://www.oregon.gov/OBCE/index.shtml). Other treatments offered include services from: massage therapists to offer a more holistic patient care approach and address all components of the musculoskeletal condition, as all joints include a combination of bone articulation supported by ligaments to prevent excess range of motioncontrolled voluntarily by skeletal muscle for movement. With focus on the 'CARE' in Healthcare.

For those searching for a 'MEDxFLOW health experience' call FISHER's clinic today and make an appointment with Dr Morrison today to tune-up your body, mind and spirit.

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